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Why Donate?

Little girl hugging her mom while they look at Christmas lights at the park

Your Donations Support Education

Did you know that Fantasy Land of Lights is a fundraiser for the Rotary scholarship fund? After we pay expenses from the park, your generous donations go toward supporting educational scholarships for students in the Bartlesville area.

Two Scholarships

Every year, Rotary Bartlesville Daybreak Club awards scholarships to two high school seniors to help them with their college expense.

We also have a scholarship available for two non-traditional adult students every year. Rogers State University has generously agreed to match this $500 scholarship so that these hard-working adults can finally earn their college degree.

Thank You!

Thanks to the generosity of the Bartlesville community, we are able to support education and maintain one of Bartlesville's favorite Christmas traditions. Thank you for your help!

Christmas trees in the snow

Ways to Give

If you'd like to make a donation online, please visit our Donation page for more information. You can also donate in person at the park. Come by Johnstone Park, November 20 - December 30, and our volunteers at the Gingerbread House would love to receive your donation.